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The secret to success is the strive for excellence. Continuously. We installed the Squadra Scientific Board (SSB) to ensure this strive throughout our process.

Squadra Team


Rafal W. Lopallo

Co-founder & CEO, Board Member

Dr. Markus Schuller

Co-founder & CFO, Board Member

Scott Parazynski, MD

CIO, Board Member

Management Team

Eng. Hakan Akpinar

Co-founder Chief Technology Officer

Antonello Fazio

Project Lead of TT3A

Maria Aboytes

Project Lead of Circumventrix

R&D Team

Eng. Leszek Hurkala

Senior Director of R&D and Manufacturing

Eng. Thomas Nissi


Prof. F. Auricchio

Medical 3d Printing & Advanced Simulations

Stefano Pasquino

Project Manager

EIR Team

Enrico Pasquino

Entrepreneur in residence

Ludwik Sobolewski

Entrepreneur in residence

Marwan Berrada-Sounni

Entrepreneur in residence

Pawel Szymanski

Entrepreneur in residence

Squadra Scientific Board

Cardiovascular & Structural Heart, Directors

Prof. Antonio Colombo

SSB Director

Prof. Corrado Tamburino

SSB Director

Cardiovascular & Structural Heart

Dr. Alaide Chieffo

IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy

Dr. Azeem Latib

Montefiore Medical Center, New York, USA

Dr. Carlo Briguori

Mediterranea Hospital, Naples, Italy

Dr. Eustaquio M. Onorato

IRCCS Monzino, Milan, Italy

Dr. Federico De Marco

IRCCS Monzino Hospital, Italy

Dr. Flavio Airoldi

IRCCS Multimedica Hospital, Milan, Italy

Dr. Gary Gershony

John Muir Health Oakland, USA

Dr. Jacopo Oreglia

IRCCS Niguarda Hospital, Milan, Italy


Prof. Gerolama Condorelli

University Federico II, Naples, Italy

Prof. Laura Mezzanotte

Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Dr. Mario Muto

Cardarelli Hospital, Naples, Italy

Dr. Salvatore Mangiafico

IRCCS Neuromed Hospital, Pozzilli, Italy

Legal and regulatory partners


Christopher Hutter


James M. Heslin


James T. Huie

Corporate Law

Yvan-Claude Pierre

Corporate Law


Eric A. Grote


Maya Skubatch


Clinical and Regulatory

Monica Tocchi


Semih Oktay


SQUADRA shows what’s possible when a necessity meets vision and competence.

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